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About us

Toronto Back In The Days

Through a selected few images of Toronto, in the 50s and 60s, we can see that much has changed but not really. Either way, these old photos are pleasant to view. Check out our Gallery page and see for yourself.


Some works by Ronald Remy and Adrian Tomine...

Also featuring on our Gallery Page, just a few other interesting and unique pieces by two visual artists. You will notice a certain theme in both cases. Please enjoy and tell us what you think. There is more where those came from. 

Our Featured Videos

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Dédicace 🥀 à toutes les femmes du monde, de la part de GunDei.

Procurez l'album #GrandMoun

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In this video, through a series of spectacular images, we hope to give a sense of pride in black civilization and identity. At this point in history, it is important for the world to acknowledge that so-called black history is not merely a matter of slavery and segregation; but rather an account of strength, beauty and invention.